Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ghana's mysterious 'Big Tree'

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

There is a tree which stands at 90 metres in height and 396 centimetres in diameter. According to Ghana’s Forestry officials, it is the biggest tree in the country.

Growing in the forests of Akim Oda in Ghana’s Eastern region, the tree known locally as “the Big Tree” is of the Bako species and its botanical name is tieghemela heckle.
The sheer size and height of the tree leaves so many local people in awe making them deify it. It is a mystery to them, and believing it must have some supernatural powers, they regularly visit the tree carrying gifts and sacrifices.

Many have dug holes around the giant roots of the tree where they leave their sacrifices with prayer requests for good fortune.

“The Big Tree” does not only serve the curiosity of local people, it is also a tourist attraction.

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