Friday, October 8, 2010

Google Adsense now offers Western Union as payment option for Ghana

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

Google has announced a new payment system for Adsense publishers in Ghana. It is called Western Union Quick Cash payments.

Publishers are website owners or bloggers who allow Google to put up banners on their sites in a shared-revenue program. And there are about 5000 publishers in Ghana who are part of the programme.

Last week carried a story announcing Google’s plans to introduce a new payments system for Ghana.

Information available to says three other African countries are included in the Western Union payment system – these are Algeria, Kenya and Uganda.

“Western Union Quick Cash payments will reach you faster than checks, and they’re free of charge,” Google reportedly said.

Google also said the payments will reach Adsense subscribers faster than cheques, and at no cost to the subscriber. However, it said payments will be in local currency and will “continue to follow our normal payment schedule.”

It is however, not every subscriber who can choose this payment system. According to Google, Western Union payments can be sent only to publishers who have an individual account “at this time.”

Moreover, the payee name on your account must exactly match the government-issued ID card that can be used to cash the money the day after it has been sent.

Meanwhile, at the time of publishing this report, my Adsense account does not give me the option of selecting this new payment system, even though, I am registered as an individual.

If this new system is fully implemented, it will bring a huge relief to the many Ghanaian publishers of Google Adsense.

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